Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Southern Birding Highlights

Last week, I was very excited to be heading down south with a friend to Weyburn and Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan, to look for one bird in particular that I had wanted to see for some time, a Dickcissel.
We eventually got lucky, thanks to some great directions from fellow birders.  We also found a Black-billed Cuckoo, a bird I have wanted to photograph since  I began birding here nearly ten years ago. After one friend had left to go home, I was joined with another, and we spent the evening birding the area once more. We got another great bird, a male Lazuli Bunting. I had previously only seen this species once before, so it ended up as one of my best birding days ever.

Here are some new photos that I hope you will enjoy :


Dickcissel female

Eastern Kingbird eating dragonfly

Black-billed Cuckoo


Common Tern

Lazuli Bunting

Nelson's Sparrow

Western Grebe

Western Kingbird


holdingmoments said...

Wow Nick, these are superb.
All favourites!!

Looked through the previous post too, (how did I miss those), and equally excellent.
Hope you're keeping well.

grammie g said...

Hi Nick...Wow that was quite a catch with the E.Kingbird with the dragonfly..super!!
Stunning set of birds...I really like the Lazuli Bunting, he is gorgeous!!!
Great that you got to see the Dickcissel,and the Black Billed Cuckoo : }}
Hope everything is well with you and the family !!

Nick S said...

Many thanks guys! :-)

alainala said...

amazing shots!
i havent yet seen the western grebe, any clues on where he was? (was this around that 621 just off yellowgrass?)

Nick S said...

Thanks! No, the Grebe was near Wynyard the week before , if I recall.

Clayton said...

Great shots.


Nick S said...

Thanks Clayton!

Chris said...

Enjoy! That is a small word when it comes to your pictures! I love them all.. THese are once again sumptuous pictures and all of them are just the best one can do! Perfect Nick!

Anonymous said...

Like the Lazulie Bunting.