Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Southern Birding Highlights

Last week, I was very excited to be heading down south with a friend to Weyburn and Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan, to look for one bird in particular that I had wanted to see for some time, a Dickcissel.
We eventually got lucky, thanks to some great directions from fellow birders.  We also found a Black-billed Cuckoo, a bird I have wanted to photograph since  I began birding here nearly ten years ago. After one friend had left to go home, I was joined with another, and we spent the evening birding the area once more. We got another great bird, a male Lazuli Bunting. I had previously only seen this species once before, so it ended up as one of my best birding days ever.

Here are some new photos that I hope you will enjoy :


Dickcissel female

Eastern Kingbird eating dragonfly

Black-billed Cuckoo


Common Tern

Lazuli Bunting

Nelson's Sparrow

Western Grebe

Western Kingbird