Monday, January 9, 2012

Bird Counts and New Photos

Happy New Year everyone!

So, I finished up doing seven bird counts in the end. Each one just as fun as the next, and the decent weather stayed unseasonably mild for everyone involved.

Some of the bird (and mammal ) highlights included :

Gyrfalcon - a gray-phase bird at Elbow
Northern Goshawk - a juvenile at Elbow
Bald eagle - many at Gardiner Dam and one in Saskatoon
Snowy Owl - several around Harris
American Tree Sparrow - 1 at Elbow
Killdeer - a lingering bird at an icy creek near Gardiner Dam
American White Pelican - 5 individuals still at Gardiner Dam
Eurasian Collared Dove - a few at Gardiner Dam, and at Elbow
White-winged Scoter - Gardiner Dam
Horned Grebe - Gardiner Dam
Red-necked Grebe - Gardiner Dam
Bufflehead - 1 in Saskatoon
Golden-crowned Kinglet - 1 at Sask River Forks and 4 in Saskatoon
American Robin - 1 at Harris
Hoary Redpoll - a couple at Pike Lake

Long-tailed Weasel ( personal highlight for me, as I hadn't had a good look at one before )

Here are some new photos :

Long-tailed Weasel

Golden-crowned Kinglet


Snowy Owl


Pine Grosbeak

Common Redpoll

Bald Eagle