Saturday, August 6, 2011

Trip to Alberta

My family recently came and stayed with us from the Uk, so we thought we'd not only show them around town and some local sights, but also a trip to the Rockies would be in order, so we stayed in the beautiful town of Jasper for a few days, swung by Banff and Lake Louise, then drove home through Drumheller.
Of course I had some ideas to see a few species that were still on my 'want list' , and also wanted to get better photos of birds I'd seen there once before such as the Clark's Nutcracker, a species of alpine Jay that lives in the mountains.
I also got new photos of some ground squirrels that I had seen in Alberta before, and a new mammal for my life list, a North American Pika which I was very much hoping to find.
There were a few missed opportunities, seen but not photographed were Violet-green Swallows, and I didn't manage to see a Hoary Marmot or Grizzly Bear, but there's always next time !

Here are a few of my findings :

Clarke's Nutcracker

Gray-crowned Rosy Finch

Mountain Chickadee

White-crowned Sparrow

Dark-eyed Junco - Rocky Mountain race

Columbian Ground Squirrel

Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel

Black Bear

North American Pika