Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Updates

Since its been a few weeks since my last update, I thought I'd share some new photos.

Rough-legged Hawk


I have a pair of Merlin's setting up nest very close to my backyard, keeping most of the small songbirds very wary from feeding. I'm thinking I won't see much in my yard until this pair have fledged some young and moved on.

Here is the male, taken over a few days, including eating a freshly caught meadow vole.

Horned Lark

Snowshoe Hare

White-tailed Jack Rabbit

Northern Pintail

Song Sparrow

Richardson's Ground Squirrel


Chris said...

Wow what a fantastic update, from the merlin to the lark and sparrow!! This are really great shot Nick and I can see it is almost summer in your area ;-)

Mary said...

Merlin images are amazing and how fortunate that you shall have this time with them nearby. The Snowshoe Hare, the other images, great post!

Frank said...

As usual, a fabulous series Nick. Merlin in the back yard ... awesome.

Nick S said...

Thanks guys. I appreciate the coments

Babzy said...

wow awesome serie !:)