Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hawks At A Distance

The new book 'Hawks at A Distance' by Jerry Ligouri dropped into my mailbox recently, and I was eager to see if it matched or even surpassed his previous book on raptors entitled Hawks From Every Angle, which I also own and have combed through many times.
This new book exceeds all expectations.
From the excellent, new colour photos , literally depecting raptors in flight from every conceivable angle and as many of us see them in the field, from a good distance away!
Emphasis on field markings and colour variations on birds such as the Red-tailed Hawk are vital when viewing from far away.
The photos show you what to look for, and will make life a lot easier in the field for the novice and even experienced birder.
Raptor identification from a distance can be frustrating and challenging at times, but I'm confident this book will change that for many people.
Even juvenile birds are shown here, a trait that other books do not always follow.
Juveniles of many raptors can be very tricky to nail down an ID, especially as the plumage can be dark, or quite often dull in appearance.
The text in the book is very well written and is easy to grasp and serves to help the reader pick out key points to the accompanying photos.
An excellent field guide all round.


grammie g said...

Hi Nick...hope all is well with you and the family!!
I have a pair of Sharp Shin Hawks hanging out many hours of the day in a big old weeping willow and I haven't figured out why..
It is not a typical nest site and I see none...they make a screeching noise just about constantly! Interesting!!
The book looks like a great one ..nice of you to give it a plug!! Maybeit has some answers!! : }

Chris said...

I heard about that book before and got the same feeling, en excellent guide....

Nick S said...

Thanks guys. Its an excellent field guide.

I have a big blog update coming any day now :-)

PS. Grammmie, double check that your Sharp-shinned Hawks are not in-fact Merlins (falcons)
This is prime nesting time for them. I have a pair over here, but they will very often use an old crows nest in a spruce tree.

essaysontime said...

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