Monday, March 28, 2011

Backyard Visitors

For the past couple of months now, we've had an over-wintering Merlin hanging around our neighborhood .
At times this can be a little frustrating, as she keeps many of the feeder birds from showing up in the yard, as they are too afraid to be exposed on a feeding platform where they could fall victim to the hungry little falcon.
In the Spring I intend to make some more sheltered spots in my new yard so there are plenty of places for the timid smaller birds to hide.
That being said, Merlins are still a fantastic bird, and many people would be happy just to see one during the cold winter months.
The one we have here will be pairing up with a mate soon, and will no doubt nest in the area.
On days where the Merlin has been looking elsewhere for food, I have had a few visits from some nice birds, for instance last week where the following few species made an appearance ...

Common Redpoll
( Male - note, the male has the pinkish wash on his breast)

Common Redpoll (female)

Brown Creeper

Bohemian Waxwing

Blue Jay


grammie g said...

Hi Nick...It's been awhile. Hope all is good with you and the family!!
Your Redpoll photo's are precious, they are such sweet little fellows!! The breast feathers are such a lovely pink-red color and that little red cap
The ever inconspicuous Creeper got caught "nice"!!
Do you still have snow???

Nick S said...

Hello there, thanks for visiting the blog. Yep still got the snow. Hopefully it'll be melting properly within the next week or so ! :-)

Mary said...

Nick, these are great images. I love each of these entries very much, for they show the superb personalities of each species so well!

Frank said...

Hi Nick. A Merlin around here would create a mega twitch!!
Great series of garden visitors. Good luck with the garden revamp ... when the weather improves I guess.

Chris said...

Wow you have very nice visitors Nick and of course my fav has to be the nice waxwing... gorgeous shots of it you got, but the redpolls are also beautiful!

Nick S said...

Many thanks guys !

Robin Robinson said...

gorgeous captures. I envy you the creeper.I have not been able to get a decent shot of those little guys, try as I might.

Babzy said...

awesome serie :)