Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall Birding and catch up time !

Its been a rainy few weeks since my last update, but migration is in full swing.
I've found many nice species and have trawled parks and scanned alley ways and backyards looking for a glimpse of a colorful warbler , or something else passing through on its way south.

Here are some of the highlights seen recently :

Swainson's Thrush - They love the Elderberry and Red Osier Berries we have in our yard. There must have been 10 at our place over a 2 day period :

Blue-headed Vireo - One of my favourite species, I found him at a local park :

Yellow-rumped Warbler - Many of these were at local parks :

Swainson's Hawk - This dark-phased bird was near Blackstrap Lake recently :

Eastern Phoebe - I found this inquisitive flycatcher by the river on a low trail:

Great Blue Heron - This young Heron was at the Forestry Farm Park recently :

Canada Warbler - I found this at Cosmopolitan Park on a recent walk :

Clay-colored Sparrow - A few of these are still around in the open fields :