Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flycatchers, Swallows & More

I recently finished another May Day Bird count for the Saskatoon area. A good pal and I have done this count together now for the past 5 years and always have a blast.
Last year was exceptional , and because of the very late Spring , we had an amazing 140 species documented by the end of the day. This time the weather was against us, and it rained hard pretty much all day. This did not deter us though , and we stayed out from 7am till 7pm notching up 116 species in total.
We had some nice highlights including a (usually rare) eye-level view at an Olive-sided Flycatcher and many other hard-to find species such as Wood Duck, Dunlin and Sedge Wren.

This update includes a few soggy shots from the day, plus a few other new photos :

Olive-sided Flycatcher from the bird count

Alder Flycatcher from a recent morning at the Forestry Farm Park

Tree Swallow - The Swallows were having a real tough time on the day of the bird count and were pretty much grounded while it rained.

Bank Swallow

Tree & Cliff Swallow sharing same soggy perch

Horned Grebe from a recent visit to the Forestry Farm Park

Veery from the bird count

Dunlin in very poor light from the bird count

Wilson's Snipe from a recent drive in the country

Brown Thrasher from a recent river walk


grammie g said...

The poor swallows are looking very sad in the rain!!! I laughed when I saw the Horned Grebe straight on ---he just looks comical!! When I see your Flychatcher photos I wonder now if what I thought I have nesting is one and not a Phoebe!!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Some of these birds look pretty wet.I saw an Olive-sided Flycatcher for the first time last week.

holdingmoments said...

These are superb Nick. I always love seeing the birds from your area.
That Horned Grebe is a stunner, and you've gotta feel for those poor swallows huddled on that soggy branch.

Nick S said...

Thanks for looking :-) Grammie- Eastern Phoebe's are most likely your birds . They usually nest around man-made structures. Take a look at the field marks for a Phoebe compared to my photos, they have a darker bill, longer tail ( which they flick ) and are smaller in size compared to an OSFL.

FAB said...

Smashing shots Nick despite the conditions. The OS Fly doesn't look too happy but how soggy was the photographer?
Love the acrobatic pose from the singing Thrasher. FAB.

Nick S said...

Trust me , we got drenched :-) Thanks for looking !

Shelley said...

That Grebe is definitely a looker - unusual but still handsome! Great photos!

Philip said...

I have never see a Horned Grebe before very pretty indeed :)

Carole Barkett said...

wonderful photos

Mike said...

All completely stunning mate, all grebes are amazing to look at, keep em comin.

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Poor Swallows, yet pretty all the while, lovely entry of some of my favorite birds~

Chris said...

Wow good job Nick, you got a very impressive number of birds and good pictures. I love the tree swallow and the horned grebe a lot...