Sunday, March 7, 2010

Designer Birdhouses

I would like to introduce you all to a friend of ours from Saskatoon..

This is taken from his website :

Saskatoon Saskatchewan entrepreneur John Remai has turned his love of building into a hobby that is now a special project to fundraise for equipment for the new Children's Hospital in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. After many years of building and managing hotels, motels, apartments and condominiums, John promised himself that when he retired, his favorite hobby would become a benefit to the community.

Since the spring of 2009, John has been making birdhouses and feeders to give complimentary to donors when they make a specified donation amount to the The Children's Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan . Already a major financial donor to the Children's Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan, John felt that by using his hobby for enjoyment, people can donate to the CHFS and at the same time receive one of his outstanding designs complimentary.

I highly reccomend you check out his webpage at :

John's bird houses and feeders are absolutely beautiful, and I'm sure you will find one that takes your fancy.
There are many, many designs that will house all kinds of bird species.

Here is just a small sample of his excellent craftsmanship :

Purple Martin/Swallow Gourd Houses :

Interactive Squirrel Feeder :

Purple Martin Condo :


Anonymous said...

I grew my own gourds for many years to create houses and feeders. He has some cool designs, thanks for sharing the link :)

Anonymous said...

ps, in case you don't know my 'handle' it's one I had for many years because of my interest in moths and I just started a new blog on them again .. this is your NPN buddy who takes photos of much more than birds ;)

Nick S said...

Hi Cindy , I thought that was you ;-)