Thursday, January 28, 2010

Downy Woodpecker

Things are a little slow right now, and a little cold too! We had a ton of snow dump on us a few days ago, which meant lots of shoveling and helping people to get their cars unstuck.
The great thing about Saskatchewan, as well as the wildlife, are the wonderful people, who always rally together in times like this.

Here's a female Downy Woodpecker from a recent look around Pike Lake :

Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Winter Birds...

Here are a couple more birds I've found over the past week. These two were at Pike Lake :

White-breasted Nuthatch :

Common Redpoll :

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Recent Findings

Well, after the fun of the Christmas Bird Counts and finishing up 2009 short of my goal of 250 species found in Saskatchewan (but snagging a still-respectable 249), the last Christmas count until next December was at Pike Lake.
Myself and my 3 compadre's had an excellent day, notching up 24 species, which I think was an all time high for that particular route.

Highlights were :

Great Horned Owl
Pine Siskin
Pine Grosbeak
Purple Finch
Common Redpoll
Pileated Woodpecker

Earlier this week, a friend and I took a drive up to Candle Lake on the hunt for some Willow Ptarmigan that were reported to be in the area.
Of course, things don't always turn out how you would envision, and the search
for the white grouse proved fruitless.
Still, during our hours spent walking and driving around the area, we did pick up
a few nice things.

Highlights were :

Great Gray Owl - My first Great Gray of the year was sat on a low perch, but did
not take too kindly to us and took of as soon as we slowed the land rover down
for a closer look.

Northern Hawk Owl - 2 of these beauties. One which was quite co-operative late
in the afternoon.

Great Horned Owl - A very miserable looking Owl who did not like the falling
snow , was perched in an aspen stand, along the forest edge.

Northern Goshawk - A juvenile bird perched high on a lookout tree.

Pine Grosbeak - 7

White-winged Crossbill - 15

Common Redpoll - 6

Boreal Chickadee - 2

Strangely, we did not see any grouse the whole day, not even the local Ruffed and Spruce. Of course they were there somewhere, they just decided they wouldn't grace us with their presence !

Here are some new photos :

Cedar Waxwing

Northern Hawk Owl

White-tailed Deer

Cottontail Rabbit

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year to all !

Thanks again to all my faithful blog readers and friends. Have a great one !

Here is a new shot of the Short-eared Owl I recently found at Gardiner Dam.