Monday, November 23, 2009

Two November Rarities

Towards the end of the year, a few rarities show up in Saskatchewan , either having migrated the wrong way, lingered too long or are birds that are getting a more permanent foothold in the Province.
The Eurasian Collared Dove is one such bird .
There are a several growing populations in various towns within the Province.
This one was photographed in Moose Jaw, SK during the recent trip I took, looking for the Yellow-throated Warbler.
As I reported earlier in the year. We have a few of these currently residing in Saskatoon.
These Doves are usually a more grey-ish colour, but this one looks almost beige in the morning light. The distinctive black collar can be clearly seen :

Eurasian Collared Dove

Once again, another American Dipper is in town.
The American Dipper, a bird of mountain streams, has only been seen here in Saskatoon a couple of times, most recently in April.
This one is actively foraging next to a sewer outlet that runs into the river.
On Saturday a friend and I observed this bird (also known as a Water Ouzel) swimming and having some success catching aquatic insects :

American Dipper


Dominic Gendron said...

The dove images is very nice, well balanced and the vokeh is perfect ;)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Both are very pleasant surprises.The Dipper is very rare I would think.

Kelly said... the little Dipper with his stocky body and short tail. I'd love to see him moving around in the current! I've never seen either of those birds.

Chris said...

Wow excellent Nick... It is coll to be able to see and take pictures of rarities... I love the dipper shot, especially the last one.. A typical attitude and a fantastic sharp and clear shot... Well done.. It looks like you were not that far from it... I never managed to get really close to the white-throated dipper we have in France, at least not enough to get a decent shot :-)

Phil Bishop said...

Well, as you ought to realise, having lived over this side of the pond, the Collared Dove is almost unstoppable. Wont be long before you get bored with them :)
Much prefer the Dipper images, one of the most charismatic of bird families.

Tina said...

I've never seen the Dipper before..but would love to!!
Nice photos, Nick.

holdingmoments said...

Beautiful shots Nick, especially the last one of the Dipper.
If you want some more Collared Doves mate, I've got a family of five visit the garden most days lol
They're great at clearing up the spilt seed from the feeders.

Nick S said...

Thanks guys. Yeah, I'm sure the Dove will soon be a 'dirt bird' eventually , like the poor House Sparrow and take for granted.

The American Dipper however, truly is a remarkable little thing, and fascinating to watch.
I'd be happy to have those here year round.

Anonymous said...

Watching this little bird in action in a Jasper Mountain Park stream about 14 years ago was then, and is still, a highlight of my nature sightings, possibly exceeded only by the evening I saw eight (8!) moose, separately, in Elk Island National Park.