Friday, October 23, 2009

Timber Wolf

Last Sunday was a special time for me and my wife. This will be remembered as the first time we saw a wolf in the wild.

After hearing that a wolf ( or wolves ) had been sighted in the park a few weeks back, we decided to go for a drive up to Prince Albert National Park and try our luck.
The weather was on our side for Saturday, and we found some nice birds and animals but no wolf.
My next update will showcase what else we saw, with a full list of highlights.

The following day it was dark , cloudy and it was spitting rain...great...
We had a choice, either head for home , or try one more time to see if we can find those elusive wolves.
After driving around for a bit , I suddenly spotted a little dark 'blob' in the distance.
I had to look through my binoculars to see what that thing was, as it was on the top of the hill as the road went up.
We eventually got up to him and he was quite unafraid, but would not stop walking, and only looked at us for a split second before plodding on down the road, occasionally glancing back.
I managed a few shots through the car window as we were moving, thankfully I had set the camera up for low light.
I did some reading up on this particular species, and it seems they have been known to prey on Black Bears, as well as White-tailed Deer, Beavers and Muskrats.
I'm glad we were not on the menu that day ... :-)

Here he is :


Carol said...

Beautiful...thanks for taking that extra time to find one.

Hilke Breder said...

Nice shots!! You must keep your car windows really clean :-) I'd love to see one up this close.

Suzanne said...

Wonderful shots, Nick! I feel some concern that the wolf was moving slowly. Is that because it lives in a protected park?

I wondered about the belly. I know it couldn't be a pregnant female at this time of year, but it looks like a large tummy. We have a wolf park here in Indiana for conservation and research on behavior. I've been there and the wolves are respected and loved -- and very lean.

Beautiful shots as always! Thank you. :)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Through the car window? These shots are stunning.

Shelley said...

Magnificent Nick! How wonderful it must've been to see him!!!

Susan Ellis said...

Stunning shots! It's all about patience and waiting and waiting...just like the wolf!

Chris said...

hi Nick,
Wow what an opportunity you got! The two last portraits are wonderful.. Something everybody would like to get on a screen!!! Just amazingly beautiful... Lokk at these eyes!

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh--you are your wife's hearts must have been beating so fast. He is gorgeous, and your detail is so sharp. I would never get to see a wolf in Cincy. We do get coyotes, but wolves are long gone.

Nick S said...

Thanks guys. I should have wrote , "through an OPEN car window !"
The windows were dirty and covered in mud , thanks to the roads.

Tina said...

Amazing shots, Nick! and through the car Such a special lucky guy!!

Nick S said...

Thanks Tina. Yeah, hanging the lens out of the car window while moving along isn't exactly easy photography 101, but I'm so glad the photos turned out how I wanted them :-)

holdingmoments said...

Given the conditions mate, these are excellent. Must have been a real thrill to see them.

Philip said...

WOW! Nick excellent shots !!!! also I learned something I didn't know that they would go after Bears as well. 10/10 for these shots :))

Peggy said...

You are the luckiest guy...These are really nice Nick! Love the eye!

Unknown said...

Great pictures!!
Beautiful animals!!
I have never seen any wolves raoming free in one of our parks.
Perhaps in Algonquin Park, Ontario
and other more remote areas.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures,

Barbara Martin said...

Excellent captures!

I have only seen Timber Wolves in the 'wild' in Edmonton in the dead of winter in January/February when they follow the snowshoe hares into the city from the country, when I lived there in the 70s. By keeping your distance they are very interesting to watch as they make their way.

Anonymous said...

You lucky person you. You got to see a wolf up close. I did get to see one in the Smokies. Carol

Nick S said...

Thanks for the kind words guys !

Unknown said...

Amazing vivid shots mate! It's as if you were right in front of the wolf. I wonder what camera and lens you used. Really great. I live in the woods myself, as an australian made furnitures craftsman, and wolves sometimes wander up and about but I would never dare take a photo of one. I just can't stop staring at your pics mate.

DRAJAT said...

i all time wanted to have a wolf lol when i was a kid now i guess i cant think to do that
but i stil see it as a beutiful animals and my fav wolves is biggest wolf