Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More from Lac La Peche

Here are some more photos taken during our stay at Lac La Peche this summer. ( click for full size images )

Evening Grosbeak

Warbling Vireo

Black & White Warbler

Least Chipmunk

Wood Frog

And lastly, a bonus young Moose from Hudson Bay last month:


Kelly said...

Ahhhh...that little chipmunk is so cute!! The Black and White warbler looks like he is singing his heart intent on his song that he's puffed up trying to get the notes out louder!

Peggy said...

Excellent images as usual! Love the chippie!

holdingmoments said...

The chipmunk has definitley got the aawwwww factor.
The Black & White Warbler is a beauty mate.

Jann said...

Fantastic photos; you have a gift for sure. Well done.

Mike said...

crackin shots mate, cant remember the last time I photographed birds. All spot on.

Shelley said...

Great feast of photos Nick!!

Chris Petrak said...

Good photos!! I always think of the moose as the NA equivalent of the camel - something put together by a committee - odd looking creatures!

Chris said...

Hi Nick,
Wow, this is a beautiful post. The pictures are so nice that I cannot choose any if I had too. They are all gorgeous, even if I found the chipmunk funny! Well ok, I love the black and white warbler a lot, it is a wonderful bird and this shots is really great

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the moose, Nick!! My dad used to live in Anchorage and picked up a large fallen antler which I still have. I'd love to be able to live where I could see them every once in awhile.

As always your pictures bring the birds and critters to life for me. You catch them in action and there is such excellent detail.

I appreciate you going out at odd hours and sharing your adventures.

Unknown said...

Lovely series of images Nick. I particularly liked the B&W Warbler.

Tina said...

Ah so sorry I've been lacking in my visits...very busy! Love all your photos they are truly perfect in every way!! One of the perks of living so far north..maybe is that you are still seeing some of the birds we saw so long ago..
that chippy is so cute..:)

Dawn Fine said...

Beautiful pics!
I have added your very nice blog to my blogroll.
I am now catching up with your posts as I have had no internet while traveling thru the midwest..In montana now with wifi ..yippeeee