Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chestnut-sided Warbler

This update has been awhile in coming, again, mainly because of work and also the fact that I had 2 long trips back to back, having been to Cypress Hills and then Porcupine Plain within hours of each other. I will have a big update soon with all the Cypress Hills birds I managed to find.
Over the weekend, I saw this beautiful male Chestnut-sided Warbler almost still in breeding plumage, (except for the black cheeks), enjoying the sun coming through the upland forest :

(Click for full size versions)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More from Lac La Peche

Here are some more photos taken during our stay at Lac La Peche this summer. ( click for full size images )

Evening Grosbeak

Warbling Vireo

Black & White Warbler

Least Chipmunk

Wood Frog

And lastly, a bonus young Moose from Hudson Bay last month:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lac La Peche Birding

Ok, I've finally gotten around to doing an update ! I've been working and traveling , so have lots to catch up on...

Last week, my wife and I had our annual stay at the resort of Lac La Peche, a beautiful and quiet place to stay near the town of Blaine Lake, SK.

The weather for the first two days ended up being quite windy with cloudy skies, making birding fairly difficult. The wind was so strong at times, that all you could hear were the trees and not much else!

On the last day , things started looking and sounding much better, and I ended up getting some semi-decent photos, a few of which I'm quite proud of.

As far as species go, I also managed to snag another lifer. A vocal Willow Flycatcher was calling beside the lake on our first day. Luckily I heard him before the wind really got up !

Here are the photos. Click to see full size ...

Black & White Warbler - This is one of my favourite Warblers. I heard him singing on the last day and was able to eventually locate him and then get the shot. Finally, I have a photo of one I'm truly happy with :

Willow Flycatcher - Hearing it's " fitz bew " call, I found this fleetingly obliging bird close to the waters edge.

Le Conte's Sparrow - A sparrow I have wanted a decent photo of for a few years now. I spent over 2 hours sitting in a marsh getting bitten by horseflies for these shots. Sometimes its worth getting a few nips for the love of your craft :-)

Evening Grosbeak - Its always a treat to see this species during the summer, as I usually only get to see them up north during the winter.
The top portrait is of a young bird:

Merlin - I found this handsome falcon early one morning after a light rain. He was calling non stop. I don't think he enjoyed getting a soak :

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker - There were many juveniles around, but its the adult males that have the real pizazz :

Purple Finch - Speaking of resplendent males, here's a Purple Finch that was near our cabin on the last day :

House Wren - This Wren was giving me a hard time, so I got a couple of quick shots, choosing a decent angle with nothing behind him, then let him be :

Gray Catbird - I almost didn't see this Catbird at first, then suddenly he hopped onto this tree out in the open for me, and very kindly turned to pose :