Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To Chase A Mockingbird

I still get regular emails, quite often a few times a week, from good folks who have birds showing up that they need identifying, or birds that make them go " wow ".
A particular "wow" bird that has been 'doing the rounds' of late has been the Northern Mockingbird.
Usually found in the US and pretty unusual here in Saskatchewan ( although they HAVE bred here a handful of times ), I've had two reports of a 'Mocker' in 6 days, and from two different areas.
A group of us also found last winter that I posted on the blog.
Last week my friend and I visited a wonderful farm where the kind owner showed us around her property to look for the grey bird with white wing-patches that sounded like a police siren and a phone ringing.
We spent two hours combing the property but was unable to find the bird in question.
The exciting thing was, that it had been seen gathering nesting material, so it could have raised young.
I have another 'lead' to check out later today, so hopefully we can find the other one, although it can be like looking for a needle in a haystack sometimes :-)

Here are a couple of recent photos :

Vesper Sparrow
- While searching for the Mockingbird, this sparrow hopped onto a nice perch for me :

Cape May Warbler - This female was enjoying sugar water at a friends yard last month :

Blackpoll Warbler - Here's one I got last month that I forgot to post !

Gray Catbird - This youngster was sitting on the grass at the Forestry Farm recently :


Chris said...

Hi NIck,
Nice story and beautiful shots you got there. I'm still surprised you managed to get so many warblers shots

Shelley said...

Great shots!! That one warbler reminded me of my chickadee friend - cute!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The Vesper Sparrow looks great.Will be waiting to hear if you do indeed find the Nockingbird.

holdingmoments said...

You really do have some stunning birds over there Nick.
What a little stunner that Cape May Warbler is, with her yellow face.
Good luck with the Mockingbird hunt. I'm sure you'll come up trumps mate.

Kelly said... the Vesper Sparrow and warblers. Good luck with the mockingbird. Bring along a tape recorder! We have lots of Mockingbirds, and they mock all the resident birds, but I've never heard one mocking human sounds. That would be too cool!!

NatureStop said...

The wablers look great.Amazing shots there.

Nick S said...

Many thanks everyone. I hope to get some more Warbler shots this weekend, but there's never a guarantee they will co-operate :-)

Barbara Martin said...

These are exceelent shots, and the information about the Mockingbird was interesting.

Tina said...

I think, sometimes, the hunt is just as much fun as the find..
your photos are always so clear and nice..I like the young gray catbird..and I hope that mocker comes out and finds you!!

Chris Petrak said...

Getting caught up after being away for a week. Interesting about the NOMO - and how a common bird in one place causes a stir in another. They are relative newcomers to VT and in lower elevations and near bigger towns. Love your songbird photos. If possible, could you email me about the equipment you use. I am being sorely tempted to move on to "real" camera equipment. what I use causes a lot of frustration.

AMIT said...

Excellent photos again.

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Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.