Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gardiner Dam Birding

A friend and I recently visited Gardiner Dam, Broderick Reservoir and the neighboring countryside.
Most Duck and Grebe species are back now in fairly good numbers, as are the Geese and Swans, plus a few shorebirds.
We had a pretty great trip, and found 73 species in total.

Here are some photos from the day...( as usual , click to see full size versions )

Snow Goose/Greater White-fronted Goose & Ross's Goose
- The diminutive Ross's Goose can be seen to the right of the picture :

Snow Geese:

Tundra Swan:


Northern Harrier:

American Tree Sparrow:

White-tailed Jack Rabbit:


Kelly said... must be wonderful to see those huge flocks of Snow Geese. (I miss our American Tree Sparrows, you have a beautiful photo of him.)

holdingmoments said...

What a sight those Snow Geese must have been. Great shot Nick, and that Northern Harrier; superb!

Nick S said...

Thanks guys.
Yeah, those Geese are an absolute wonder to behold, when they fill the sky like that.

Tina said...

Gosh that scene of the geese filling the sky like that must have been so neat to see and hear!!
You always capture such neat compositions!! That little tree sparrow was a neat catch!
Nice photos,nice post!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

As always your photos are spectacular.

FAB said...

Nick, I never tire of seeing large flocks of geese, or indeed any species. Thanks for sharing the Snow Geese. Ross's is a rarity in UK and although there are annual sightings I still have yet to see one. Chhers Frank

Shelley said...

Those canvasbacks were beautiful running across the water! I also loved your rabbit - has such a unique long face!

Chris said...

Wow a nice trip for sure, and when you see snow goose, it is not exactly like us!!! You saw flocks of them, very impressive. We usually have one or two at this period not more!!! A nice set of picture, congrats.

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

Hi Nick, I was lost for awhile, but found my way back and glad I found your blog again. It's as STUNNING as I remember it. Your shots make me feel like I'm there.

Nick S said...

Thanks for the kind words guys !

Tim Rucci said...

Really nice captures, Nick. I especially like the loon. That's one sweet shot.