Monday, April 6, 2009

Bluebirds, Spring Song & Northern Harriers

Well, the Bluebirds are definitely back. I have probably seen about 40+ individuals since they arrived, on various drives around the countryside.
The air is filled with the songs of these blue beauties if you stop to listen where you find them. Meadowlarks are also singing their familair spring song, as are Horned Larks, trilling away from fence post or snowfilled ditch.
On Sunday, my wife and I took a drive out to Cranberry Flats and some backroads around Pike Lake.
This morning, I took the same route with a friend and then ended up near Hanley where we were rewarded with a pair of Ferruginous Hawks ( of who I will save for their very own post later in the week )
Many new duck species are now also making there way back where-ever there is open water.
New year species seen over the last 2 days are : Northern Shoveler, Redhead, American Wigeon & Northern Pintail.

Here are some new photos :

Mountain Bluebird ( male )

Northern Harrier ( male )

Horned Lark

Western Meadowlark


Chris said...

Hi NIck,
These blue birds are fantastic colorful birds. I have discovered tham on several blog and found them really beautiful. I love your lark pictures too. These birds too are really cute! Well done, this is a very beautiful set of pictures. Well done.

Rocky M said...

Wow you hit the jackpot today ! Your Saskatoon birding is really putting Regina's to shame.:( Very nice work,I think the lark is my favorite!

Kim said...

Beautiful photos! I am happy to hear the bluebirds have made it back.

Anonymous said...

Nice photography. I like the harrier in flight. I do get to see and sometimes photograph the Eastern Meadowlark. A little difference but not that much.

holdingmoments said...

Great pictures again Nick.
Those Bluebirds look stunning, and the Western Meadowlark is a beautiful picture.

Shelley said...

Those bluebirds are just beautiful to behold! The larks and harrier - just brilliant photos!

Kelly said...

...gosh...these birds are all gorgeous. I never know what I will find on your site! The blue is so intense in the bluebird! I like seeing the Harrier in flight and the meadowlark--wow!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The Mountain Bluebirds are so vibrant.Each of the pictures are great.

Tina said...

I love your picture of the mountain blue bird..a little different than our eastern blues...they all capture our hearts tho..just such a sweet bird!
You really are finding some great birds to photograph..and as usual your pics are wonderful.
..have yet to see a meadowlark ..but know they are around!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Nick: You take beautiful bird photos in the great nature setting.

Unknown said...

lovely photos really like the harriers in flight

Nick S said...

Thanks for the nice comments guys.

Tricia Ryder said...

You have some great pictures Nick. The Horned Lark is a beautiful bird which is a new one on me - don't get these in the UK.

Jayne said...

Oh, just look at your Mountain Bluebird... he's lovely. Is their warble like their Eastern cousins?

JRandSue said...

Fantastic Blog,well impressed.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Excellent blog! Great Pictures!!

Nick S said...

Thanks for looking guys :-)

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