Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Goldfinch

While on a brisk walk around my 'local patch' Buena Vista Park this morning, I found 5 American Goldfinch trilling away in the confines of a newly budding deciduous tree.
This is the first time I have seen this species in the Winter, and its a shame they were not present in the city a couple of weeks ago, as they would have made a fine addition to the Great Backyard Bird Count.
Still waiting to see my first Mountain Bluebirds of the year , these Yellow beauties sure made it feel like spring, despite the minus 17 degrees celsius it was outside !

Other species seen were the usuals : Black-billed Magpie, Blue Jay, Downy Woodpecker, BC-Chickadee , House Finch , Red-breasted Nuthatch , Rock Dove and House Sparrow.

Also of note , this afternoon, I went out with a friend and found 12 Canada Geese and 1 Snow Goose near the QEII Power Plant.

American Goldfinch

This is more of a 'record shot' as the bird was so high up and very small in the frame . I hope to get better one's later in the year :


Kelly said...

...I like the photo...the angle and the softness. It's interesting!

holdingmoments said...

Only minus 17 degrees? Must be getting warmer lol
Nice shot Nick, and looks quite different to our Goldies over here.

Nick S said...

Thanks guys. I wasn't happy with the shot at all to be honest, but wanted to post it as Goldfinch are very uncommon here in the winter :-)

John Theberge said...

I had a couple of goldfinches at the feeder the other day and they still have the drab color too. I put out some thistle seed so hopefully they'll be back later in this spring with their bright yellow plumage.