Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Two species from Buena Vista Park

I often take a stroll over to my local park to see what's there. Last week I found a few Warblers that I've already since posted.
Here is a White-throated Sparrow and some of the many Pine Siskins that were busy eating high up in the tops of the Spruce Trees :

White-throated Sparrow - I've often seen this species eat Red Osier Dogwood berries. I'm now beginning to think its their favorite food :

Pine Siskin : Eating, funnily enough, Pine seeds :-)

Actually , make that three species ...

Northern Flicker - There were also many of these around. Here's a male with a female in the background :


Barbie ♥ said...

I think all the birds love those berries, Nick! You got some great shots there and I LOVE your new banner!

kjpweb said...

Great captures, Nick! You need to let me in on how you get that close to these songbirds... ;)
Cheers, Klaus

Nick S said...

Thankyou guys :-) A friend of mine from the Uk designed my new banner based on photos I chose. I think he did a great job too.
Klaus, the trick is a long lens, and lots of patience lol

Mike said...

Looking good Nick, stunning photos all timed brilliantly, the flicker always remind me of the green woodpecker, nice one.

Nick S said...

Thanks Mike. Yes the Green Woodpeckers and Flickers really are very similar, I know both really love to feed on the ground.