Friday, March 14, 2008

Horned Larks

This morning my friend and I took a drive out along a seldom used road and looked for Horned Larks that have been slowly trickling back into the area since last weekend .

It was a beautiful calm day without any wind, so you could clearly hear them singing.

Horned larks are often inquisitive enough that they will sit still and allow a car to roll up alongside them, or sometimes they will fly right across the road like a kamikazi pilot , almost colliding with the windshield, so we drove fairly slowly with the windows open and just enjoyed the songs .

Here is an adult male in full song :

And a female :


Anna Simpson said...

Horned Larks - What a wonderful looking bird. Well done for seeing them, and great photographs as well. Well done.

Nick S said...

Thanks Anna :-)